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👉The Philosophy of Flexibility Workshop is aimed to help you become more flexible — not just in your body, but in your relationships, the way you work, and within your psyche...👈


We've all felt like we could use a bit more flexibility and mobility right after a one-off gym session with some buddies or an unexpectedly challenging 'casual weekend trek! Regardless of whether you're striving to look invincible in front of your friends, or just simply looking for more freedom in movement in your everyday life, we intrinsically intuit that increasing our range of motion and having more control over that range can make pretty much every form of movement easier.


Who is it for?

Anyone who's looking to uncover blocks using movement, breath and journaling.  

The Philosophy of Flexibility will cover:

✅ A talk on the science vs philosophy of flexibility

✅Mobility and functional range conditioning

✅ Journaling as a tool to uncover insights

✅Dopamine Activation Breathing to remove blocks

✅Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation and healing

✅ A take home template to ingrate the teachings in daily life


Each exercise is progressively layered to help provide you with a framework for returning to a state that makes you more pliable to change, and and who doesn't want more of that?


Come intrigued, leave integrated!