Introspection through Movement

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Hey, does any of this sound familiar?

✔ You've downloaded multiple yoga apps and have tried different styles, but you've lost hope in virtual yoga because you're not sure if you're doing it right..

✔ You dislike going to the gym, and lifting weights but you know you need more core strength to deal with periods pain and increased flexibility to deal with life's curve balls..

✔ You have countless pretty-looking planners, gratitude journals and diaries piled up on your desk, but you're just cramming more 'self-care habits' into each day without any discernment..

✔ You've read multiple spiritual and self-help books to get answers, but an intellectual understanding has not answered your deeper needs or brought you closer to the experience of knowing.

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Don’t worry, I totally get you.


Thankfully, you’re in the right place.

Now, imagine how it would feel if you could...

✔ Overcome your plateaus and bad movement habits with personalized mark-up feedback on your form with 1:1 sessions and have a supporting curriculum of progressive pre-recorded videos.

✔ Make significant progress with strength, flexibility and endurance by mastering the 'Ashtanga Half-primary' sequence that teaches you lean agile disciplined movement

✔ Wake up inspired and excited for your day, knowing that you’ve got the clarity and insight to accomplish what you intend to and doing the right thing in each moment.

✔ Digging into your spiritual depth by learning the art of introspection and making a positive impact on the world, living a happy and successful life on your own terms, and contributing to something larger than yourself.

Introducing: Introspection Through Movement  
Course Overview: What's Included

👩‍💼 1:1 Coaching 

If you're looking to accelerate your progress, dig deeper and bring more meaning, nuance and personalized feedback to the practice in way that watching YouTube videos, or following an app just don't, this is perfect for you. 


📲 Daily Practice Videos

Choose from a wide variety of videos ranging from strength drills, to functional range conditioning practices, meditations, and everything in between. They are all sorted by theme, and can be customized depending on how much time you have on a given to to dedicate to your wellness. 


🎯 Motivational Content

Discover the best tools for all four parts of the being : Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual to make your life exponentially easier, and how they connect them all together. On topics ranging from finding your purpose, to reducing stress and optimizing sleep, ITM is more than just yoga, it’s beyond the asana – it’s a space to work on all the aspects of holistic health. 


📝Journaling Templates

The best templates for getting ridiculously clear about goals and creating routines that help you take powerful actions, in every category ranging from what you eat to how you sleep, and beyond. 


🎧 Audio Practices 

Discover the top Spotify playlists for yoga, led classes, Yoga Nidra, Affirmation Meditations, and more created for aspiring yogis just like you.


📚 Custom Curriculum Content

Lessons learned the hard way turned into actionable lessons teaching you exactly how to enter and exit a pose, the names, the sequence, and a progressive roadmap to get you from where you are to where you want to be. 


🎊 Bonus: Masterminds & Community Access

Attend weekly meditation groups and community sharing circles, to share your progress, reinforce your goals, and create accountability on many different levels. Each month, we’ll host guest mentors who are leaders in their fields, and so you may ask them questions and get inspired! These talks include topics like yoga philosophy, practice tips etc. 


🎁 (Comes with 1 complimentary consulting session when you sign up.)

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What students have to say about the course:

"I started this course mainly to get over my fears and start living my life. Understanding what my actual real priorities are has helped me immensely! Now, I feel like fear is in the back seat watching me thrive in my life. Such a good feeling... Great things are coming." - Sophia Chia Torres

The Experience
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Introspection Through movement is where you can find balance, harmony and energy renewal amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressures and deadlines. Relax and enjoy a personalized yoga experience in our comfortable sanctuary.
The Process

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